[World Machine] Project Folder Builder + XML Automation

I know that alot of us use World Machine, so I figured I would post this here as well if you don’t follow the WM forums…

Created a cheapo VB program that will create a folder with your planned project name, and then make sub folders for height maps, normal maps, splat maps, and tiles. It will also generate a simple XML automation script which will load each project (the .TMD file must be saved to its respective folder when you save from within WM). This program ties into my WM to UE4 macro (simple macro, but tiresome to have to keep re-doing all of those nodes with each project).

The screenshots are 1 version out of date (added the “Pro” features: Automation with newest version):




The download link is in the signature… hopefully someone finds it as useful as I do :wink:

PS: I’ll check on how to use GitHub… having a complete stranger say, “Hey, download and run this .exe file” would bring up all kinds of red flags for me too :slight_smile:

Neat tool! I always hate the mess that WM generates. This will help shave a few minutes off my process :slight_smile:

Side note - I’m just now noticing your UE4 Export Macro - great stuff! I do have a question on it though - why only 3 sets of diffuse/normal textures? Landscapes can handle a lot more (with a rough limit of 4 texture layers per quad). Indigenous is currently using 5 sets of texture maps and I’m thinking about increasing it to 6-7 for detail painting (so 5 splat maps generated based on angle + world height and 1-2 that aren’t generated in WM but are used for hand painting). Also, does this export with world composition in mind? I can’t remember if it matters on the WM side of things…

You’ll need to set the output nodes (height maps, etc…) for tiled builds and your WM settings and have the “generate on build” (IIRC) box enabled (for the automation XML file), but yea, I designed it for world tiling in mind (it will work w/o it though). You’ll also need to point the saving directories into the proper places in the output nodes as well if you make use of the folder generator.

I’ll look into multiple layers, although the macro is fully editable and should be easy to follow along on how it’s generated. You can re-save it with your customizations. The macro was pretty much just watching the tutorial stuff so I followed it with high/medium/low angles.

I think the real “power” of the generator program is it’s ability to generate an XML file for the Automation stuff inside of WM. Took me a week off and on trying to figure out how to program :slight_smile: Went from barely remembering how to make a new Sub to harnessing the power of If/Else/Then statements and XDocument / XElement :smiley:

I’d like to move automation stuff into an autoOptions.vb class along with most of the additional options that the automation tools allow for… but for now, I think it’s good enough to just be able to automate the build process.

Here is a sample of what the XML generates: