World Machine only exports a part of my tile map

Ive been working on an island map as a test level for the unreal engine, i created something that looks just about right however whenever i export it from worlds machine as a tiled build and import it into the unreal engine only a very small section of the map shows up. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong any help will be greatly appreciated. Here are some screenshots of my settings and a link to the tutorial i have been following

my build: Screenshot - 71fcd5e4ff97cc031bb8051ae2dab439 - Gyazo

3D view of the map: Screenshot - 545e336cd424f91b78a95f003e4fa153 - Gyazo

Settings: Screenshot - bf118c49e7c2ccac66a1fa3a61c2822c - Gyazo

Unreal engine: Screenshot - 325444dbfc9288100e7c6621eb8e5686 - Gyazo

in your tile build options where it says Select Tiles to Output , i noticed you have 3,3 and not export all tiles selected.