World machine not importing correctly, help!

Hey im really new to this, but i would like to get my basic world machine terrain into unreal so I can have a world to work in. Ill attach images, but essentially it seems like my imported terrain is not the full terrain that i created in world machine (I am aware that i did not assign materials to my terrain).

If someone could also direct me to an easy to follow tutorial as how to import these files that would be greatly appreciated, all the ones i have found prove to be very confusing to a begginer.


Hi! I started using World Machine a few months ago, and found the World Machine -> UE4 workflow confusing at first too.

Looking at your images, I’m not exactly sure which bits of your terrain are missing. The image from UE4 seems to have two different bits of landscape in it. Is this correct? The larger one looks to be roughly the same as the landscape in the world machine picture, though stretched in the z-direction. Or am I missing something? (The water plane is missing, but I don’t think the water plane gets exported from World Machine - this needs to be made in Unreal.)

If there is a problem with the landscape, look at the video “Worldmachine to Unreal Engine 4 - Creating Your Terrain” on YouTube (skip to about 11:00 minutes in), I think it should help:

Does that solve the problem?

From memory what I remember, water planes do not get transferred to UE4 and if your map looks wrong inside UE4 vs World Machine, your landscape’s export settings in WM might be wrong (or import settings in UE4)
I remember following this back in the day and everything worked fine:
Be sure to check out the Tiled Build Setup and Height Output Setup on that link if you’re missing something

Not sure if this still applies to the latest UE4 version but with a quick look it should