World Machine / E-on Vue to UE4


I created a thread a few days ago for a project I have to create a map like the one linked below. I figured using a different app for the map creation such as WM or Vue would limit how much I have to do with UE4 and produce pretty good landscapes, since the whole purpose of those applications is to do that.
(Click on “Explore the Map”)

In any case, I was wondering how many of you have used either (or both!) of them and what the workflow is like. How easy it is to import the finished terrains into UE4 and if there are any things to take into consideration at the moment of creating them, exporting them, or their usage within the engine.

I have read the guide in the forums using World Composition but any further tips, especially for Vue, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You can’t export finished terrains from those programs, you get a heightmap that you use with the terrain system in UE4 and then some texture maps you would use to define where different materials would go.

You could take the mesh and bake it into a heightmap(assuming you can get it in a modellubg progeam like 3ds max) and sculpt out the errors…

But I don’t know if that’s legal.

How could using your own creations be ‘illegal’.

Hi Mootjuh,

Just like Mikand79 mentioned, why would doing that be illegal if it’s something I created?

With World Machine I can export many types of maps (texture, height, specular, etc), but with Vue I can export the .obj and .mtl along with a few maps. Is there a way to import that obj along with .mtl, or those would be unsupported, or still preferred, to import the heightmap directly?

With the maps, which ones would be needed besides the heightmap and textures for the best result?


The material won’t do much, for terrain you have some more complicated material setups so that you can get different types of materials across the landscape, like rock/sand/grass etc.
You wouldn’t want to use a .obj export. UE4 has a terrain system that automatically adjusts the detail level based off how close you are to it, so you can export out a heightmap that can be used with the terrain system, but using a mesh would not run as well.

I found this thread via a search, and it might be a bit of a late reply but I’ve written this over the weekend A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums that you guys might be interested in, any feedback is greatly appreciated! Good to see some interest in Vue too! :slight_smile: