World Machine and blocky splats + UE4


Just wondering if anyone else had come across this, had no issues setting up the materials and getting the splats / heightmaps into UE4. Issue is everything seems low resolution and blocky like below. Also anyone come up with a solution around painting? It seems to paint over the entire block if you try to use one of the layer paint utilities.

It’s due to the resolution of your landscape.
When you paint on a landscape it stores values in the vertexes of the landscape, the more you have the higher resolution.
If you place the splat maps as masks in a material you’re not limited to landscape resolution, but you would waste texture sheets doing so.

Hmm interesting, well this is how I have it set up now. Just looking through some UDK stuff and looking at different approaches of doing it…


OK, so the secret sauce here is the splatmap size. For whatever reason, you should make the splat / color map around 2 to 4 times the size of the heightmap (factoring here the power of 2 e.g. 2048X2048 on a 1009 terrain) the landscape co-ord will take care of the rest (so set that to the terrain size). Now I’m trying to decide whether or not I prefer color map blending to splatting?!

It needs some work, but the terrain is on it’s way. If Epic swing by this, the paint tool is hit and miss if you keep clicking on and off the layers it’ll eventually work but it had a fit once and crashed the editor.

Here is the result.