World Machine Advanced Macro

Hello everyone!

I’m new to UE4 and World Machine so I don’t have much knowledge as of yet. I’ve been playing around with both WM and UE4 and I’ve been trying to make a landscape in WM that much resembles what this person posted on another forum.

This what I’m trying to achieve, I’ve watched a fair few WM tutorials and I know the basics but so far my attempts at achieving some thing like the picture below have been no where near like that!


If anyone is willing to help I would greatly appreciate it! :smiley:

here is the link to the original post of the above image:

Hi there,

The image you have posted is also the basics. Nothing special and the artist has just tried to show an example of what the macro does.
What are you confused about? What have you made so far? Try posting a picture of your node setup.

I clearly don’t know the basics then! aha, what is confusing me is the macro I don’t understand how it works, and also if you go to the link and scroll down a bit it has an image of the artists terrain properties, how does one go about getting the same window like that.

Sorry if these seem like silly questions, just trying to understand :slight_smile:

Check it.

Hi There!
I myself have been using UE4 for a while now, and I’m still overwhelmed at times, not to mention the updates. LOL
You could start looking here:
as well as having a look at the material parameters and switching methods here:

Each Macro has inputs and outputs. You get the inputs from your previous node(s) and then you set the settings you want with double clicking the Macro and then you have to link the outputs to proper output nodes.

I’m not at my PC. In fact I did RMA my mother board and Im waiting for that so I’d take a few days until I can post you screens of how to achieve what you want. Meanwhile I recommend you to start by WM2 tutorials here:

Thanks I will take a look at the tutorials now, if you happen to have the time at a later date it would be awesome if you could show me some screenshots to help get my head around things!

Thank for the help guys :slight_smile:

Oh one form things aswell, what does the blend macro node do? presumably blends to macros together? Thanks!

That would let you blend two layers with each other. Same as you blend two images on top of each other in Photoshop. (Multiply, Overlay, Soft light, etc.)