World Machine 2 to Unreal Engine 4

Greetings,I have sucessfully imported heightmap from WM2 to UE4 withouth problem.Now I want to import the terrain texture that I made in WM2 in a plugin called “Coastal Overlay”.This is how it looks in WM2 and I want to make it look the same in UE4.“” Thanks in advance

1: Add a Bitmap Output and save your Coastal Overlay color map.

2: Import that Color Map into UE4 and create a new Material and add that Texture into that Material and connect that Texture to BaseColor.

3: Inside that Material add a LandscapeCoords node and set its Mapping Scale to the size of your Landscape.

4: Finally connect the LandscapeCoords node to the UVs of that Texture Sample in your material and Save the material and apply it to your Landscape. :slight_smile:

Thats it! Basic color map on your Landscape. But to create a good looking Landscape requires a lot of work. I highly recommend this tutorial.

Thanks alot!

Thank you so much for answering this straight BEFORE sending us off to a better way. I’ve spent over a week just trying to get this answer. Again, Thank you! Now I can do a pre-vis, then work on creating a more complicated material. Lots of learning to go.