World Looping at edges?

Im having trouble finding any information about this as im not good with certain wording.
Basically im trying to create a landscape that when you reach the edge of the map (lets say top right corner) then it automatically transitions to the opposite side (ie bottem left corner) but not through telaporting. an example of this would be dragonball z budokai 3 when your flying around the world map you get to an edge it repeats to the other side. sort of like them omni directional tredmills for vr? where the world moves under your feet and the character stays in place? not sure if im doing the best to describe what i mean but any information would help or any links to tutorials.

1 issue is that c++ option is getting weird on me cause of visual studio, so plugins aint really working and cant choose c++ as a project type so blueprints only. if there is no way to do this im not worried as i could figure out something just thought id ask see if someone has already done something similair for refrence.

thank you for your time and have a good day.