World limit?

Hi mates, before i´ll upload my arcchitectur model to the cloud server. I want to ask if anybody knows is there any way to limit the (world) walklaround for the clients and other viewer. so that they not go out of the model too far. or can i block some rooms for no entry? Thank you in advance.

Greetings Michael

I use Twinmotion 2021.1 comercial lizens

There’s invisible walls and you can just turn any surface into a colliding mesh while making it transparent.

So essentially, take a box, stretch it out so it covers the are you need as a wall, and toggle the “visible in game” option off to hide it.

In standard unreal editor you would use a blocking volume. It’s a simple volume that blocks access for the player character (the camera). I don’t know if Twinmotion has that. But as mentioned by MostHost_LA you could use an invisible material on a mesh. Make sure the mesh doesn’t cast shadow.