World Height Map! For everyone who needed it

Here it is guys.


Oh Wow. That is something I’d not imagined would be available in that form for free. Saving now. Thanks!!

Very Welcome :smiley:

Sick, thanks!

If you want a specific area and like me want it to be much higher detail than the worldwide file, then on map (link below) create a free account, then can create a rectangle selection, and it will process an image for that area and the detail is beyond awesome! (The link provided here is also on the same page as the link in OP, link to “LP DAAC Global Data Explorer”):

A few notes:
-There may be small errors in the image, I have a small pixel sized white area in my image, not hard to fix though.
-You will have to adjust the brightness, it comes back very dark.
-Still trying to find the legal fine print, but hopefully is not an, it is freely available to anyone that signs up.

First try I kept the default settings, set to “GeoTiff” and got a MASSIVE tif file ~115mb… make sure you define a small area! Try doing an entire country and your download will be crazy big and will take forever to process, never mind download (the image below is the area around Vancouver BC, Canada, map zoomed in as far as it will go).

Here’s a screenshot of the file I downloaded as a test, note that is 15% zoom of the full size image:

Pretty cool!

*EDIT: Looks like as long as you acknowledge & cite them it’s ok to use:
“Distribution of LP DAAC data sets is funded by NASA’s Earth Science Data Systems program. These data are not copyrighted; however, in the event that you publish NASA data or results derived by using LP DAAC data products, we request that you include an acknowledgment and citation.”

See for more details:


I may try and create a way to take an image an build one of my maps with it, though that is some way off.

Cool, thank you!

cool thanks for sharing

I know it has been a while but do you think you can help me with the step by step process of of downloading something like ?


I’m very interested in . But unfortunately the links don’t work anymore. Do you know where I can find those heightmaps?

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