World development?

So, I’ve been learning blueprints for a little while now and obviously my ultimate goal is to work on my own game. One thing which never really occurred to me until today is how the hell do people create worlds which look awesome, like the buildings cannot be created from the individual shapes etc? I didn’t see any opportunity to make detailed terrains in UE4? So! Two questions.

  • How would I go about create big terrains with multiple textures, for example snowy moutains with very heavy snow at the top and kinda fading rocks down to the bottom aqnd alsolakes etc, the game I’m going to work on will be a sort of arena shooter with a big world for people to adventure in.
  • How do people create individual buildings and where do I get custom models from which i can import into my game?

Well, for your first question, I don’t know really. I haven’t looked into foilage and terrain yet. I’ve been using engine for two weeks now. For the second, if you refer to that sexy meshes and buildings from example projects, they were made in a seperate animation software like Maya or 3D Studio Max, then imported into Unreal Engine.

  1. You have to use layers. Also, you can use software like worldmachine for detailed landscapes.

  2. You create them in software like:
    3DS Max or Maya, Blender (free), ZBrush

  1. With height map generators: Page Redirection
  2. The 3d programs that Cube2222 mentioned + you can also download some meshes from the internet :smiley:

Found no help on world machine and It’s not exactly a beginner friendly program, anyone got any learning resources for me to use perhaps? World machine seems ace.

Here are some useful tutorials :slight_smile: (UE4)

Luckily I can post my question here avoiding new topic. Does anyone can share some useful tutorial for landscape texture. I browsed Landscape mountains demo, and I like their material system. Maybe someone could point me to material tutorial to get landscape texture like Epic guys did? Thanks!

A massive amount of help comes with simply installing WM. If you look at the samples there is a lot of information about how to go about using it. It also comes with a pretty extensive user guide pdf and device reference.

Unfortunately atm there are just some basic landscape material on youtube: But the best way to learn how to create such a shader is to study the landscape demo material :slight_smile:

Just a, FYI, World Machine makes complete sense after a few hours of messing around. Like anything in game design, there is no other way than the hard way, if you want to learn.

I have a quick question about World Machine too. Once I’ve created my terrain in WM and import it into UE4. Can I then modify the terrain in UE4? Can I add paths and streams, flatten the terrain in places for villages and towns from within UE4 or do all changes have to be created in VM?

Many Thanks

Sure you can, once the landscape is created, you can go to sculpt mode and make some changes to your landscape, also set up spline roads aligned to the terrain.

@ConnorMcG, World Machine 2 is the ultimate way to go about making landscapes. Inside this program you define where to have snow and where not to and that’s same with other things like grass, rock, etc. You do this with masks and later using the masks you texture your landscape. Obviously, I’m not going to give you tips on how to make a good landscape because you have just met WM2 and you should first get to know it. Later if you had any questions and problems I’d be glad to help. You can look for Wenda’s tutorials regarding WM2 on youtube (It’s a little outdated but it gets you started). I’m busy making something for Marketplace and using that as a guide you’ll be able to create worlds like Far Cry 4 / Battlefield 3 quality so easily. Meanwhile I have an eye on this thread to see what you’ll come up with. :slight_smile:

While you can add paths and streams in UE, I would not recommend it. WM can easily create roads, rivers, paths, etc. I’ve found that trying to make those specific things in UE4 turns out to be far to jagged/edgy for my liking.