World cup mood: An environment art ue5 study

Hi guys,

it’s World Cup time! Back in 1994 I was introduced to see a Brazilian custom that we do during the World Cup, which involves decorating and painting our streets. So, this is my new study and I challenging my self to try recreate a suburb street in world cup mood.

Rendered on UE5.1 using lummen software and nanite, my computer literally sweat to make this project images, but at the end I was able to render it on FHD with screen resolution set to 5k.

Also, if you liked you can check more screenshots here: ArtStation - Unreal Engine - World Cup Mood


Hi there @Bigodon,

Hope you’re doing well!

Painting streets and hanging flags seems like a wonderful way to bring a community together. I can only imagine how great it would feel to walk down a street like this, covered in dangling flags and overly excited neighbors.
For that reason - and the beautiful vining flowers - this scene is genuinely incredible. :slight_smile: Amazing work!

Thanks for sharing and letting us here on the forums experience the excitement of a neighborhood decorating for the World Cup! :smile:


This feels 100% like Brazil. The architecture, the props and the details feels perfectly like a typical Brazilian street.

I love this so so so much! Awesome work!


thank you panda! :slight_smile:

In fact people from here has this custom, in my city for this cup just a very few streets from suburbs was decorated as far I knew, but in other regions from our country this tradition keep going, even if our national team performs good or bad… we’re still supporters.

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Thank you Alfred, yeah I tried do this with most fidelity as possible and I think I got some very interesting results this time, we’re in almost 2023 but there still remaining architecture from early 1940 or '50, that’s kind amazing since many of these houses nowday are taken down to make small buildings in place.