World Creator vs World Machine vs Terragen 3

Curious about the pros / cons of each of the titles in the subject in regards to terrain generation if anyone has experience with them. To my knowledge, Terragen would be a bit more of a PITA to export, although I do have experience with using the classic version, which coincidentally, did allow for heightmap exports. Not sure why they took it out tbh.

Price-wise, it seems that WC is the cheapest, WM is a bit more expensive, and Terragen is quite a bit more expensive (if you decide to get the full package).

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You’d be making the terrain, texturing it, output masks etc in all terrain creators. It’s just differently done and theres almost no limitations to what you can achieve if you know what you are doing. It depends what your expectations are from a good terrain creator software. What are they? :confused:

Well, honestly, I’m not 100% sure at this point. I’d like the ability for large landscapes, tileable terrain, workflow ease, ability to import GIS data would be useful as well.

I would vote for WM. Interface is quite old and clunky, but software itself is very powerful, fast and have great “compatibility” with modern game engines.

zeOrb is right. :slight_smile:
I’m using WM2 and I recommend it. Easy to use, powerful, tileable terrain, etc. Go ahead and give the basic version a try since it’s free.

World Machine it is then.

try the demos and stick with one you like, they all should feature the export capabilities of height maps for UE4 but i’ve only seen guides for WM > UE4