World creator must have for larger terrains

Hello, i’m planning to create a (very) large terrain, and i have just one question, is it easier to do it in world creator. Is it worth the 300€? I hear a lot about that program. but i’d like few views before taking the plunge

never used it. Never will.
Qdis and 20m DTMs are easy enough to extend to 1m without much data loss.

what is Qdis and 20m DTM

a misspelled Qgis

And 20m Digital Terrain Model. Basically your geo-referenced height-map.

Thank you. actually i’m so busy right now that i think i won’t be able to test WC. will check your stuff when i find some time

ive used pretty much all terrain generators and i preferGAEA. They have a free version with a 1024 x 1024 limit. OR you can pay $99 and get the 4096 x 4096 version.

Realistically the biggest problem is importing landscape splines.

I’m trying to come up with a copy paste method to bring in the control points.

As far as the terrain goes though. Download and study the Kite demo once more.
they use way larger tiles then you’d expect.