world composition

I am making a world with islands, when I put a new island they are above the bottom, how do I edit the height of each island?
Transformation is blocked. I go to the level with the island, it is also blocked there

Hello !

Are you working with sublevels?
Landscapes in Unreal cannot be moved when they are in a sublevel that is not the active one.

If not maybe, for some reason, has its location blocked.
You can lock/unlock the location with right click on the object → “Transform” → “Lock Actor Movement”

I hope it helps you!

How did you make the island?

I agree in that I cannot find a way to move the landscape in the Z-axis.

Cannot move it in the sub-level. Cannot move it when the sub-level is loaded in the persistent level.

Using world composition, you can move sub-levels around in the X and Y axis in the Windows->Levels->World Composition window.

Maybe make the Z-axis adjustment in the source and then re-import the level?

If you figure this out, please post a reply. I would be interested in learning the UE solution.