World Composition

Hey guys. I need to use World Composition to import my terrain, but something is going wrong apparently.
I’ve been following this guide: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums but it’s not working. Once I get to import my 16 heightmaps, the import button stays greyed out.
I’ve attached a picture to this post, and that window’s settings are like that after I selected the 16 files.

Your import configuration is set to 0 components. There may be something wrong with your heightmaps such as the resolution or the naming scheme.

The naming scheme is “Project Name_x0_y0” and so on. I made sure to have that right, and the resolution is 2048 for each. Really not sure what’s wrong.

There used to be an image on the wiki listing recommended resolutions for World Composition but it’s gone now, none of them are powers of 2 though. Try 2017 for each tile.

It could be heighmaps naming or resolution problem.
Naming pattern should be like: [name]_x[m]_y[n]

To find out supported resolutions you can use “New Landscape” tool. Enter desired component configuration and it will show exact resolution of heightmap you need to use.

Yeah I think your resolution is the problem. 204(8/9) doesn’t work with landscape. Try 2017 as suggested by MuchTo Learn.

Yeah, 2017 didn’t work either. I’m using 4.4.3, so I don’t think engine version is an issue. I have no idea what’s happening.
I can load them perfectly in using the landscape tool with these settings:

127x127 Quads
1x1 Section
16 Components
2033x2033 for the resolution

So yeah. Dunno what’s going on.

That’s strange that you can load them individually but not with the comp utility. I’ve never used it so I really can’t give any further ideas.
Out of curiosity why are you using a tiled world build? I have a hand-sculpted and weathered in WM landscape at a res of 2017 that covers the entire grid at 256x256x128 and I don’t have any visual or obvious optimization problems yet Though I haven’t started adding anything. I’m still just focusing on look dev for the major visuals.
Is there an advantage or precaution of some sort to using multiple textures?

My world size is 215km2. I have to use World Comp for its level streaming.

Oh I did not know we could go beyond 5km. That is something else. Even in UDK 10k (since the UU = 2cm) difference was limit from what I thought. Thanks for reply. :cheers:

Try removing the space from the file names. Other than that I’m out of ideas.

I guess I’ll go to the answer hub and hope for an engine dev to help me out. Thanks for trying though.

is there anything in the filenames that might throw off the process? I did a 5x5 the other day and it seemed to import just fine. but one thing I changed before importing was the way I named the files
seemed like it might not work so I renamed everything by taking out the _5x5 bit. They imported just fine with the 01 in the filename.
And if anyone reading this has run into the problem of not knowing beforehand that tiled worlds only import raw, I renamed my png files to r16 and they came in just fine.