World composition with planets/space questions/help please

I’ve been using level streaming so far but my game now has way too many levels it’s just ridiculous to have to use collision boxes to try and control them all. Questions for anyone that knows:

  1. Can I use world composition when there are overlapping z levels? Say at the north pole there’s a city and way above it in space there’s a space station. Is it possible to use world composition in this scenario with overlapping z levels? When I check out the summons world composition it’s obviously laid out on the xy plane and I want to get some tips before going headlong into this. Ideally I want to end up with fully 3d planets so there’ll be a city on the equator of a planet where there is a lot less xy variance and it’s mostly in the z plane.

  2. While still being in world composition can I hide levels manually and still control level streaming? For example in one part of my game you go inside an asteroid and there’s a secret level inside that’s way bigger than the actual asteroid and it’s not proportionally correct. If it’s visible while outside the asteroid there’ll just be a huge landscape floating in space nonsensically. Will there be a way to control what is visible still?

  3. Is there a limit on the number of levels you can use with world composition? I’d like to be able to put my whole game in one big world composition level if I can and will definitely end up with more than 100 levels when I’m done. If I can figure out a world builder with tiling it may be well over 1000 levels.

Any tips would be muchos appreciated. I’d like to get out of level streaming if I can at this point because I’m at a bottleneck where I have dozens of levels and there’s so many different levels in close proximity having to load them all and control it all at this point is a nightmare.