World Composition tools feedback


So just thought I would open this thread to give some feedback on the Unreal 4 World Composition tools since one is not already open.

What I like so far -

So far I like the level hierarchy screen and level details section.

  • The level Hierarchy is straight forward and easy to understand.
  • I can arrange my levels in a neat and orderly fashion but It can get difficult at times.
  • I can mass import tiled terrains.

What can to be improved -

  • The World Composition view port is a bit confusing…
    – UI could be improved with a vertical layers bar similar to photoshop opposed to the current horizontal bar.
    – I cannot delete layers for example I have Uncategorized and Sun_Level. I do not understand why.
    – I cannot go back and edit the layer I have already made for example Sun_Level. I Put in the wrong value for level streaming and Now I cannot edit it.
    – It would be nice to move my levels in the world composition view port via transform, scale, and rotation widgets.
  • It would be beyond great if I could make the world origin offset work in Multiplayer. Yeah I know long ways off but this would be my #1 major request at the moment.
  • More documentation on these particular tools. I feel that these tools are being massively undeserved.

Anyway keep on going Epic your tools rock even though there are some rough edges. :slight_smile:

  • Headclot

Hi HeadClot,

Thank you for your request. I have entered several feature requests to be considered by the development staff:


Are you looking for any particular updates to the documentation? Any trouble spots or lacking information that may be beneficial to add to the documentation?

Hey Adam thank you for the response :slight_smile:

Just more advanced documentation on how to use the world composition tools. The basic stuff is there but the more advanced stuff seems to not be.
If there is anything that I would have to ask for -

  1. More Advanced Documentation on the World Composition tools. I am not even sure what this would cover. But I have already read through the basic documentation on the World Composition tools. Still want more info on how to use the tools to their fullest potential.

I would also like to note that If I assign a level to be a sub level in the level hierarchy view of another level I cannot for the life of my un parent it in the hierarchy view.

for example -

Basically I am making our solar system in UE4 just for fun and practice. :slight_smile:

What I have been trying to do for the past few hours is un parent Mercury level from Sun Level. This has been eating up time which I could be using to make other game assets and shaders. :frowning:

I cannot unassign it from sub level status unless I go into the level details view. Can I just un parent a level from the hierarchy view by dragging it off the parent?

Hope that I was descriptive enough If needs be I can post a Image if needs be.

Also keep an eye on this thread - There are allot of little quirks with the World Composition tools that add up and take up time. I am going to be reporting them one after another. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,


So, the problem is that we aren’t sure what all would cover “more advanced”. If you can give some examples of what you are not able to accomplish because there is no explanation in the docs, then we will have an idea of what is weak and needs improvement. Right now, the docs team isn’t really sure what would help make things more useful, but they’d like to hear any specific examples or ideas you have. Let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Will do - Let me gather my thoughts and I will reply again :slight_smile:

Heya, one small feature request from me, I’ve mentioned it a few months ago in the Twitch stream but I guess this is the better option:

Would it be possible to have loopable worlds, i.e. go to the left edge come out on the right?

Also, how would the following scenario work;

The persistent level (field, outdoor) has LPV enabled, a streamed level has lightmass (cave, indoor). Would they look as intended?

I am actually really confused about this particular page and everything it covers:

It would help me a great deal to get an example video tutorial that shows each step in detail, and why it is important to do these things.

I did try myself to have a go at adding 3 other levels which would be branched off of a main level in a square on the map there (I wanted to use the World Origin Shifting feature). But it was too strange and new for me.

Thank you guys for that feedback, I’ll pass it along :slight_smile:

This would be GREAT, like seamless worlds in loopable walk! Cool;

I have also few requests:

  1. Add Z axis support (so level can be placed in 3D). Important for example in space games.
  2. Levels within levels support. Ie.
    a) I have big level only with Landscape (like 10km x 10km).
    b) I want to stream it first.
    c) I want to have sublevels within big level, which are considered ONLY when I enter first big level. Sublevels have their own streaming distance relative to the parent level.

I think it can be accomplished using existing system (layers), but setting it up is not that straight forward (especially considering layers can’t be edited). I think hierarchical approach would be easier to understand and manage.

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