World composition tool

HI there,

I am in the process of designing my worlds and I need to know, or try to, how the new world composition tool works.

So we design our levels in the : windows > levels menu after having saved current level.

THe trouble is, why do we design a ‘level’, when the only thing the world composition tool does is allow us to load in tiled worlds, from places like terresculptor ?

Given that as far as I know, the only place you get tiled worlds (paging ) is in this new tool as noted above, so where does the level we just made ( a saved level being a requirement), come into play in all of this ?

Also, is there anyway speaking of which, to add a non tiled terrain into all this mix, say something one has designed and wants part of this system, before this tool came out, and subsequently is there a way to get this heightmap terrain to tile inside world composition mode ?

THe current terrain I have must be part of my new world, so I hope this can be done, or at least tacked on in some way , with no doubt resulting loss of performance.

Also, once the tiled terrains are loaded in , from the Levels dialogue window ( windows > levels), giving UE4 the info it needs to build the world ?, what purpose does the ‘summon world composition’ button do ? I see from UE4 43.3 release notes, that it allow you to position sub-levels, but what is a sub-level , and given that these sub levels as shown by the picture at the 4.3 release page shows, aren’t even touching so I wish somebody would elaborate a lot more on how all this works :wink:

On a side note, how does one get faster zooming in /out in the editor…it takes forever it seems to do that. Are we only meant to 'f’ocus in first on items and there rotate/move to where we need to be ? Problem is that isn’t even enough, because if I need to zoom even further in, I can’t because using MMB for example takes forever to get where I need to be.

thx anyone :wink: