World Composition to World Partition

In World Composition, you could change the Lod for your landscape in Unreal Engine 4.
I have some questions about World Partition.

How is it handled in Unreal Engine 5 with World Partition?
How can I set the handling of further away landscapes? That they appear first as Lods.
How does World Partition handle sublevels/landscape tiles? I know levels are now cells and the settings are in World Settings.
My question is more focused on larger landscapes (grounds) with far more components that I could load and unload with World Composition and sublevel in the persistent level.
Where do I manage the performance and loading of these tiles?

World Composition is marked as deprecated and will be removed in the future.
Does it mean the release version will still have World Composition and, for example, it will be removed in 5.1?
Is the Level Streaming Volume deprecated too?

Sorry I did not find anything in the UE5.0 EA Documentation.
I only found documents about assets and instances.
Links to documentation or keywords would help me a lot. For instance: for Open Worlds with more components, you need menu XYZ.

Thank you in Advance.
Have a good day.

I want to add is that I know when I create a new landscape, I can set the world partition grid size (and it will create Landscape Streaming Proxy), but the limit of this landscape is 8192.
I can only think of creating a new landscape with streaming proxies.

Thank you for your time.