World Composition tiles size - 505 or 1009?


After searching in the forums here I didn’t find a specific topic regarding this, so I’m posting.

I’m making a demo level for my game. The size of the level will be something around 4 x 4km to 8 x 8km (I need to playtest some things to nail it down). In most of it open landscapes without much buildings etc. But regarding thel level’s shape, it doesn’t need to be a square. The shape will be dictated by the top-down map, so I guess I don’t need to load all tiles that would make a square map in world composition. Think a Tetris shape, irregular.

My question is:

  • What size do you recommend for each landscape tile? 505 or 1009?

I’m targeting desktop PCs with average to good graphic cards (more towards good, as I need to account for the time the game will still need to be developed, so the current “beefy” cards won’t be so high-end and expensive by the time I finish making it).

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