World Composition Streaming in Multiplayer only with Dedicated Server?

When using distance-based streaming in World Composition, the Listen Server doesn’t seem to take into account the location of Client pawns.
Meaning, tiles outside the streaming distance relative to the Server pawn will be unloaded, even if it means that a Client pawn would fall through the world.

Is a dedicated server the only viable option to run a multiplayer game with World Composition, or is there perhaps some way to have the listen server have all tiles loaded that are in proximity to any player pawns?

(Obviously, for large player numbers a dedicated server setup would be the way to go anyways, but the above would seem desirable for Co-op games with 2-4 players.
I could think of a way to substitute the built-in distance-based streaming, including LODs, using actors with collision volumes, but having a native solution would ofc be preferable).