World composition scene visibility

So, in 4.4 when you selected show all visible on the level component it allowed you to load and show all tiles in the editor. For some reason in 4.5.1 that’s stopped working, is this supposed to be the case?


Do you mean commands in “Visibility” entry in world composition context menu? I just checked them all and they all work.

No, click window > levels > select multiple tiles > right click and on visibility show all or show selected. All tiles should appear in-editor (or they used to do). Now the eye will only open for a single tile or a couple but not all that’s selected.

It’s not guarantied that world composition will be able to show all selected levels. It depends on size of selected area. World composition will show only levels that intersect with “world bounds” (orange box in minimap view). When you click “show selected” editor calculates center of selected area, moves world origin to there and shows levels that intersect with a new “world bounds”.

Will this change? It’s difficult to work on the whole terrain if only a few tiles are working at any one point.

In version 4.6 we have increased world size to ~20km across. This is 4x larger than old one. So there will be much more tiles visible with that bounds.