World Composition, Running multiple levels at the same time


We are currently prototyping a hybrid strategy/city builder, and I got asked the question of switching between two, constantly running maps, basicly running two games at once. I had no idea if this is possible, so I would like to ask for some direction.

We would have 2 layers, the Home Base being similar to Project AURA or Banished, basicly a city builder with all of its simulations but with building slots (so navigationdata and alike is prebuilt) AND simulating up to 24 AI pawns (basicly workers wandering around). The other parts would be outdoor locations far from the city, each with its unique landscapes and slots to build mines, or have 2-4 pawns wonder around (only while the map is active). I would only need to keep the currently or last played outdoor map and the Home Base running, but switch between them close to instantly.

I have a few ideas which might work (get a really big tile of mapchunks and switch between them using level streaming while having everything in one map or moving the city builder into a process dedicated to it and moving it out of the map), but Im no expert and neither of these options are either perfect (or even feasible) and I dont want to spend a month trying to figure it out.

If you have any idea how to solve this elegantly please reply.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

ps.: sorry for my terrible english.

What was the solution you adopted in the end?