World Composition Origin Shifting question

Hello, so I have a question about world origin rebasing.
I have an actor that spawns with the character at some offset world coordinates every few seconds. This works fine until the world origin rebasing kicks in. Then those world coordinates are of course offset by the world origin.

Documentation states:

Each Actor has an ApplyWorldOffset function which can be overridden in the child classes to do additional things. In case you have created a new AActor derived class and store absolute position values in it, you have to override ApplyWorldOffset function to make it work correctly with world origin changes and shift your absolute values in it.

And I just cant understand how to access the function override for the ApplyWorldOffset for the Actor that uses world coords. It doesnt seem to exist in the actor blueprint function overrides.

Any help on this? Thank you!

it doesn’t, but you can just offset the spawn LOC by the amount of world origin shifting.

then, if it is 0, it will spawn when you want it to.
and if the world has shifted it will retain its world based location.

Yeah thats what I’ve done in the end. Get the world origin location and offset the spawned actors by that. Only problem now is that it doesnt prevent floating point errors :confused: After about 40km from the original origin (im tracking distance traveled) the tiles spawn with gaps, then bigger gaps and then everything breaks.
Maybe its a problem with tick rate and the speed at which my character is traveling…
But yeah my problem seems to have been resolved, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @FloatingPebble, did you solve the issue of gaps between tiles?