World Composition not stitching right


I am having multiple issues trying to get world comp to properly stitch my terrain. I"ve asked on ue4 forum but no help at all yet, so I"m coming here hoping for a few answers.

As you can see there, the two terrains are not stitch, Yet SCULPTING as seen in pictures works oddly enough…its a waterfall effect of sorts :wink:

What causes this anyone know ?

I"ve already as one would expect, added a terrain VIA world comp windows, by right clicking current terrain that shows up , and choosing to add another via xy positioning…it just won’t stitch, bc its trying to place the new terrain at a much higher Z value than first terrain.

Is this a known issue in 4.19, if so what might be a fix ?

I’m not ready for ‘tiled’ output as I don’t really have the funds atm for a version of l3dt that has a high enough output that works with my current project,plus I also find that right now, manual terrain sculpting is proving incredible and very rewarding so I"m continuing in that fashion, if not a slight time sink :wink: ( but well worth it ). It’s not canned-

There is something with my first terrain which I ‘added’ to levels windows, as if I out FRESH with a new level with no sculpting at all, it stitches fine when creating a new one from the actual world comp window,so its clear that part in the engine works, just not with my terrain and so far "Ive got no idea what would cause it.

I"d appreciate some help with this, as I was ready to do world comp but didn’t expect to be hit with this weird stitching problem.


Anyone ? I 'm not established enough in use of WC to have any idea why its doing this.
Im stuck until If fix this.

ty anyone :wink:

OK I was doing one thing incorrectly, so I"m CLOSER to a fix- but, though I got the two terrains MUCH closer,- at least the Z isn’t SO far off, but they still won’t stich properly…SO close.

I found a plugin on marketplace but it doesn’t do a good enough job to interest me at all.

If I use the world comp screen, where one would enter several exported maps, say from L3Dt, would that work if I used my own levels in Editor and use appropriately named levels ?

I"ll try it here, just wanted to get this post out there in case I have no luck, which I suspect I won’t but we’ll see.


As a noob to noob… follow the tutorials maybe? : /

If you going to stitch height maps - use only the recommended sizes too.
Landscape Technical Guide in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

And because you can scale the landscapes in Z axis afterwords - it is possible you just slip some values too…

HI LYubomir IKO:

I’ve been using that Tutorial for several days trying to figure out where I was going wrong.

I finally figured it out, I just hadn’t taken the time to post back and update is all.

BUt i’ve got some time so-- I simly was not creating the peristent layer World correct apparenlty, as when I got that part right ( this whole world comp thing is semi confusing) the rest fell into place.

I was trying NOT to have to use world machine OR L3dt.i’m frugal , and I’m making my OWN terrain anyway,I prefer it even though its takes a bit longer :)),getting better at it though.

SO on top of that, regardless what I did the stitching was way off as noted.

WHat finally got it working, overall ( I"ll explain momentarily) was using the " import tiled terrain" in ‘levels’ windows.

I just renamed both ( or however many you want) terrains to comply with naming scheme, and VOILA it worked!

Was so happy, as now my first terrain is nearly done,and I needed to add nearby terrains to keeping the design going,large world ;)(

THere is ONE minor , I think, issue which is there is one spot where the terrains don’t match all that well, prob. because I was using TWO of the same terrains ( at least 99% similar) so that prob. played a part in the seaming…

Anyway, there was ONE spot where the stitching wasn’t perfect, BUT to my SURPRISE, when I started stiching as in the IMAGE above, it sculpted PERFECLY fine, with no abnormal Z patterning at all.

My work is others delight as if you have similar worlds, you do NOT need WM or L3DT–

It just takes a bit of extra work, -but its just FINE>

TY for post, reminded me I needed to update this thread. ;))
You still have to export each umap to R16,and as noted assign the naming scheme for the WC class to work correctly .

I could do a video on request if needed, but I suspect anyone that is far enough in engines use, prob. has the skills to grasp what I"ve done- which honestly isn’t that complex, at all–just took some time and wilingness to TRY it–I wasn’t done with terrain design anyway --when I got close enough I thought well its time.soo–