World Composition not loading entire map during gameplay

Hello everyone! I recently imported a 20kmx20km landscape in to my project and it doesn’t seem to load entirely when I play. I’ve noticed it only loads by the single tile. However, if I get close enough to the next tile, it then loads that one. Is there just a simple toggle I don’t have checked? Here is an example of my issue… The cutoff at the top of the terrain is actually the edge of a tile. Hopefully this is enough info for y’all.

Thats the way World composition works, it only loads the cells around you, as you move, it will stream in new cells and stream out old cells. If you need visibility in the distance, then you need to generate LOD for your cells, which can be done through the levels tab I believe. It can create a simplified version of the terrain automatically, but requires simplygon to generate static mesh LOD for the cells automatically. But saying that, once the LOD has been generated for terrain, you can open the newly created maps, and just fill it with your own LOD objects (or script it) without requiring simplygon.