World Composition levels + Menu level


How use World Composition with another “no World Composition” level?
Eg: at my ‘Levels’ tab I have 6 levels:

  • Persistent Level
  • Landscape01
  • Landscape02
  • Landscape03
  • Landscape04
  • MainMenu

The problem is, when I hit play, all the levels are loaded, but the correct should be, MainMenu levels start loaded, and all the “playable” levels, load after some event, like after press a “Start Game” button, show a loading screen and then, load the World Composition levels.

But Unreal, put all levels to be streamed when using World Composition, and I can’t see where or how to fix this, when you have a “no streamed level” with World Composition enable.

And all the tutorials I found show only the same thing, how to streaming levels, none show how this works when you have a Menu level or any other “no streamed level”.


Hello Rgiz,

I think you should first load the MainMenu.Later pressed play button when you should load Persistent Level with "Open
Level " node and Streaming Landscape01 etc. I do that.

Thanks for reply Sertac,
The problem is the Engine still loading the landscape levels, when I says to only load the stream level (wcomposition_x0_y3) after I click a button (Strat Game) in the Menu widget (MainMenu_UI).

I just did some test, here the bp’s:

Levels tab

Persistent level blueprint

Main Menu level blueprint

Main Menu widget blueprint

Yeap I mean first main menu later when pressed play button loading persistent.

Project Settings

Menu UMG

Persistent Level


Thanks again Sertac Ogan, but still, nothing, after I change the settings in the “Project Settings” the Persistent Level is now the Main Menu level, before was the Persistent Level (level name) the Persistent Level at the Levels tab…

Another problem is, if on my Main Menu level I have a 3D scene with a green light, but on my landscape levels I have a sun light (added in the persistent level, because I have something like 12 landscapes using World Composition) The menu will receive this same light (sun light) from the Persistent Level.

Maybe I’m missing something…

I just want to create a menu like you see in the “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter” or other games, when they have a menu with a 3D scene behind the UI/UMG and when you click to start the game, the Menu level go away and the “playable” levels start, in my case I need to use the World Composition because the size of the map 6~8 km, its a “walking simulator”.

I will keep trying make this works, if you have any more ideia, please share :slight_smile:

and thanks again Sertac :slight_smile:

Your are welcome Rgiz. I hope helpful