World Composition levels don't stay loaded

Good morning everyone :),

I’m having trouble with keeping my tiles loaded when I import them into ue4 and save them. I had posted about this some months ago, but I think I was kind of confusing with how I was wording things,
but this time I’m more descriptive with screen shots :D.

This image shows that I have my world composition enabled.

My tiles are named properly and I’m ready to import them.

My tiles successfully imported.

These images show me loading my tiles.

My landscape loaded in project successfully.

In these two images I have saved all my levels and exited. (You will noticed that the “*” beside map2 is gone in the exit engine image)

I open unreal again with the default level, I double clicked my map2 level, my tiles are not loaded, and I have to reload them again. (You will notice that the “*” is not beside my map2 level)

All the tutorials I have followed on youtube to import tiled landscapes into ue4 by world composition haven’t had this problem before.
When I was using ue4.6, i didn’t have this problem, but from ue4.7 on up this has been happening.
I’d appreciate any help that can be given because this is a major hinder in my progress so far with the engine. Thank you all for reading :D.