World composition/Level streaming stutter on load

I have been experimenting with world composition and have found that when the game loads new tiles it causes a very noticeable stutter. This occurs when PIE and with a packaged build. My current map has a lot of foliage on the sub levels but even without the foliage and just a blank landscape it still happens .

I found this old post that explains the same problem and that EPIC are working on the level streaming performance but I am not sure if I am doing something wrong (2x2km tiles too big?) or is it just not possible to have smooth loading at the moment?

Why is this unanswered? Epic devs… This stuttering is a real problem still present in 2018.

Hi here, I’m having the same problem I see that the problem persists since 2014.
But maybe it’s us that are not using the tool correctly?

My landscape is 10x10km, with 1km tiles, 8x8 components, 2x2 section, 63 quads, per tile.
Which makes a total of 64 components per tiles and I have 100 tiles, so at the end for the whole landscape it makes a total of 6400 components, but of course those aren’t loaded at the same time.
I’ve set my streaming distance to 150 000 (1.5 km).

I’ve made a quick calculation and I found out that, in my case, a maximum of 9 tiles can be loaded at a time .
64 components x 9 tiles = 576 components are loaded at most.
In this post (How to stream levels async/hitch-free? - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums) they say that 1000 components for 4x4 km was too much, although I have only 576 components here for 3x3km (9 tiles).

What about your landscape settings guys? I’m pretty sure this lag comes from the usage of the tool more than the tool itself, so we can figure out together how to use it better. It doesn’t look like that but it seems to be a pretty difficult tool. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Same question here devs… This is a problem

Hi, what’s your landscape settings?

I found that when you enable the World Composition import height map, only these options, each sub-level has 256 components, then 16 sub-levels will have 4096 components, which seriously consumes performance, I do not know how to solve this problem, Each level should have 16 components,But the import can’t modify the size of the component, and the big component leads to more triangles, which is not good for LOD.

Hi, your landscape settings will depend on the size of the height maps you import.
If you import a series of 10091009 tiles, then each sub levels will be 1km1km; and if you import a series of 40334033 tiles, your sub levels will be 4km4km. When you import your tiles, you cannot change the size of your component because the size depends on the tile size you import, but you can change the way it will handle the landscape creation, 22 sections or 11 sections, that will change the number of quads and component that will be created for your tile (Which stays the same size because it depends on the resolution of the tile).
You are the master of your world size by being the master of your maps size that you import.