World Composition Landscapes

Hey, I am trying to make a (very) large map - in fact, it is a world composition of 16 8129x8129 landscapes

Even with 15/16 landscapes hidden, the editor still lags insanely. I think that its simply too big for my 16gb or ram to handle, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips/pointers.

The terrain was made in world creator, so maybe it is because there is a lot of detail in them. Let me know your thoughts!!

Thank you!

Instead of Hidden they should be unloaded, unless you need to paint or place splines along two tiles, so in this case you would enable the second tile. If you change the landscape material, you should load one tile at a time to have the streaming textures updated or you would likely to crash for lack of RAM. More main RAM (32GB at least) and a SSD (can be just enough for one big project, but I would recommend at least 10x that size, so roughly a 240GB would do with spare space) to store the project would bring a huge improvement on your experience aswel.