World Composition issue related to tiles size


I’m having a weird issue working with World Composition… I’m trying to make an open world with level streaming adding tiles, scultping them and adding actors to each tile. At the begining everything seems fine for a few days, but suddently, one of the tiles I’m adding actors to, gets full world size by some reason and I don’t find a way to get it back to the original size.

Let me show the problem, this is the world full size and all tiles (levels) selected, but the problematic one (you can see the tiny squares in the center):

And this is only the problematic tile selected, that for any reason it became full size of the world limits:

It’s the second time this happens to me, and the first time I ended up restarting everything from scratch :frowning: which is a real pain…

Does anyone know if there’s a way to fix this now? and maybe more important… why this happens? I have other tiles in the same world with tons of actors that keep properly the original size they have when I create them. I’m lost on this issue :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

The most likely cause is the addition of an actor or a volume to the tile that has instances found everywhere.

You could always also delete the tile after exporting the height map and import it again.
I think landscape splines also unify tiles. At least back when I last played with it before moving to just using BP splines.