World Composition is not loading levels

Hi all,

So I am designing a medieval city using world composition and I have a small issue. I have the persistent level with all of the city sections loaded in and then a couple smaller maps so far. The trouble is when I go to play the level, when I get to a certain distance parts of the maps disappear (shown in the images)
Here it is with the castle, but when I move away from the castle a little further:
This happens. I have a feeling this is how the world composition just works within ue4, and if so could someone let me know. I don’t mind if I have to adjust a few things so it looks more realistic when levels get unloaded. Just so I won’t get too far into the level design that I stop because of this.


Distance streaming loading with layers doesn’t work that well on large maps with World Composition as far as I can tell after many tests and there is a huge performance hit too.
I decided to disable distance streaming completely and then I will add code to load/unload levels tiles manually with either BluePrint or C++. Then simulating manually in code the same that distance streaming does seems the best option performance wise even testing with just 4km x 4km heightfields split in 16 tiles

You just need to make a new layer and set the streaming distance to whatever you need.

They talked about how to use layers in the recent training livestream. I’ve linked the video to the exact part where they talk about it.


The whole video talks about basically everything on this documentation page:

Hey thanks! This is what I’ve been looking for!