World Composition/FPS issue

Hello all,

I am using the shooter demo as a basis for my project. When I enable World Composition the mouse-look and FPS weapons are gone. All I can do is move with WASD and jump.

When I disable WC, it works like normal. Anyone have any idea why WC would cause the gameplay to break?

I also posted this on AnswerHub without results so I’m hoping you guys have some ideas.


IF, and a big if as Ive not tried shooter OR WC hardly at all, the terrain is just a single terrain, that might be causing some trouble as WC is designed faik, for a large # of terrains all paged for performance.


Make sure that you are in your persistance level + that you have the right gamemode in the world properties :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Fighter - just to confirm, are you referring to the Game Mode settings listed here under World Settings?

If so, I’ve tried every selection available while being in the persistent level but still no go. Any other ideas? Sorry, I feel so useless but I am still fairly new to UE and don’t feel I know enough to be of much help yet.

In case anyone cares, the issues was caused by the shooterentry level. When I moved that level into a different folder so World Composition did not see it, everything works fine.