World Composition for 2D Games

Hi Unreal Guys,

I’m trying to get some colour on World Composition and how/if it could be used for 2D games.

I’m developing an open world 2D game and it would be very useful to know how I can leverage the level streaming infrastructure UE4 already provides, instead of having to build my own support for it into a plugin suite.

Any information you can provide would be very useful.


Would love to get some colour on this.

Level streaming works exactly the same for 2D games as it does for 3D games. There’s no difference between 2D sprites placed in a level and meshes or Blueprints or etc…, from the point of view of streaming levels in and out.

However, I think world composition specifically is currently set up for XY tiles, while Paper2D defaults to XZ. You can still do streaming without the world composition stuff, or you can rotate your placed items and gameplay to happen in the XY plane.

Michael Noland