World composition changing level location when toggling visibility

I’m new to World Composition, so I might be doing something wrong here.
However, the editor has a behavior which I cannot explain.

I made a small solar system with a star and two planets using World Composition.
Each object has its own level and layer.
Each level is smaller than the 20x20km yellow rectangle representing world_max size.
Streaming distance is 50M.
Everything works. So far so good.

Now I close the project and reopen it.
The persistent level shows that the 3 levels are greyed out, therefore I need to load them.
Alright, I load them.
Only one level is visible (eye icon open)
Alright, so I click the eye icon of the other levels.

And poof, those two levels get sent to another location entirely and I cannot find them anymore.
This happens if World Origin Rebasing is activated.
If it’s unactive, this does not happen.

I also made another experiment: I followed the right procedure with World Origin Rebasing disabled, and everything works correctly.
Now I enabled World Origin Rebasing, then click the eye icon of one level once to hide it, then again to visualize it.
And poof, the level is sent who knows where.

So what I do now is to disable World Origin Rebasing, then load the levels and make them visible, work on them, then re-enable the World Origin Rebasing ONLY when I need to play-test. I must enable it or I cannot play safely due to the extra large size of the overall world.

It this a bug, a feature?
Something I don’t understand?

Anyone has ideas? :slight_smile:

It’s normal for world origin rebasing.

Every time you load a level the position of world origin (local 0,0,0) is updated to a new coordinate and re-set to 0,0,0.

When you start the game and everything spawns the player will be set up to take that 0,0,0 local position.

The position will update on its own during in game travel to prevent floating point issues.