World Composition breaking level bounds, moving meshes, etc

Im currently working on a project with a very large world composed of 100 tiles that use world composition to stream the levels in and out. I have been running into issues with world composition level bounds being randomly moved around the grid space, and breaking the world composition map by tiles being placed inside other tiles. Sometimes it is just the tile itself that moves, other times it is the level bounds that move, that cause the level to not stream in properly when nearing the level.

Those issues can be fixed by manually moving the tile and level bounds back to the correct position.

The big issue Im facing right now is after loading up the persistent level again, and loading the levels Im working on, some of the meshes inside those levels have now been moved extremely far from where they are suppose to be, and it doesnt appear that there is a way to revert these changes without moving the meshes back by hand.

This is extremely worrisome because I cannot keep fighting world composition and fixing these issues by hand as we approach getting deeper into development.

Has anyone else run into these issues with world composition?

I haven’t run into this issue, but then again I’m my world is only using 4x4 grid system. However I have very few sub-components, so each grid space is rather large. Its weird to me that World Comp would move your tiles entirely.

I can confirm that this has happened to me on an 8x8 tiled world comp map as well. In my case it resulted in the complete destruction of the level. I was able to reconstruct it from the original height map, so the damage wasn’t too severe, but it has happened a few times in 4.21. I can’t seem to find any cause or pattern to why this has happened, just that the entire tile in world comp moved, and the terrain tile itself was corrupted somehow. The file size still indicated that there was a level inside it (no reduction in .umap file size), but there was no longer a landscape in it. I have also encountered the levels themselves occasionally moving independently of others. The likely-hood of this happening by accident at run-time without me noticing would be extremely low, due to the effort it takes to deliberately do so and the hitch that happens when you manually do this. In some cases it has affected tiles that I didn’t even have loaded.

I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen again, as I could easily see it destroying many many hours of work.

In the meantime, my advice would be to periodically backup your map folder; that may at least allow you to resurrect a tile to a partially complete state, rather than needing to reconstruct it entirely.

Same thing has happened to me. I also seem to have trouble with the level bounds not resizing properly so some of the tiles / levels get really huge.

You must be doing something wrong.
I have a world with 11k tiles. Never had issues (except for too many drawcalls).

Same problem here !

This is still a problem. We’re almost finished with a large map game using world composition and some of our levels/sublevels move all over the place for no reason at all. It’s a morale killer.

The only way to cause things to move is to do something wrong.
Like enabling and disabling would origin shifting…
Or placing objects in the wrong level. That happens a lot…

+1. Happens all the time. I’ll have levels in the game, where the level bounds are working, then when I save, close and come back to the map later, everything in that tile apart from the landscape itself is shifted to the world origin. The only course of action after that is to load back a commit or load an autosave, which sometimes results in losing work. It’s frustrating af, and has happened consistently throughout the development process