World Composition , best level blueprint code for loading?

I can find various examples of how to load a World Composition map but some are confusing or incomplete.
What is the best way to do it ?
I know the player must be in the Persistent Level but then how should it work ? It’s not like the normal level streaming because World Composition should load the sub-levels automatically… so which is the right code to write in the Persistent Level Blueprint ?
Accounting for delays in loading sub-levels to avoid the player from falling too ?
Can anyone please share some fully working and tested code ?
I wonder why there is no clean guide and clean code example to use.
Also any other issues to deal with regarding then loading Menu UI and so on… any help would be greatly appreciated.
When using Play In Editor with World Composition, the third person character is spawned from above and the tiles are just there streaming automatically. Is actually working like when compiled ?
When a full map with all actors/objects is created the loading time for the tiles increases, right ?
Is that the reason why a delay is needed or the player falls in the void ?
So what is the best code to correctly deal with all of this ? It’s not that I can just load the persistent level map…
Thank You

I thought the whole point of WC was you didn’t need to write any code.

Have you seen this?

I seem to recall it was a reasonable overview of the system ( although I didn’t just rewatch it to check ).