World Composition and other misc questions.

So, there doesn’t seem to be any real tutorial on this. Ive only really found one source of info, which was on arkmodding. But either I’m not fully understanding it or there are things not being explained a little more in depth. All the other ‘tutorials’ covering level streaming and what not, dont even discuss the world compisition part, just multiple ‘levels’ subbed under the persistant level.

So world composition is confusing me. I know what it is suppose to do.
I know how to ‘add’ levels to composition layers. Although, I was testing layers for distance, theisland uses 20000 for near levels, got it. But I wanted to see how it worked, so I made a 20000 and a 5000 distance layer, and added separate levels to each of those…5000 layer loads up…but it also loads the 20000 layer at the same time…both unload and load at the same distance…
I also noted that with about 30 trees per level/layer, there was a noticeable hiccup while it loaded in. I don’t like that.

Would setting individual culling distances for foliage/rocks/meshes be better option?
I tend to do multiple levels on my map, with the different items on it anyway.

Another issue I am having is with dino spawners. They work, after countless issues and trouble shooting. Well they work…somewhat…So Lets say I have a spawner and I have it set to minimum spawn of a 1000…it spawns like 60 or 70 and no more. Shouldn’t minimum be the least amount of dinos in side the volume? And does it have something to do with the fact that I have no options for a Maximum amount of dinos?
I have atleast 6 or 7 managers on my map so far. Each set to 1000 minimum. Each individually will spawn dinos…but never ever reach 100 on any one of them. Makes my map seem a little sparse with dinos.
I have one zone manager linked to one zone volume and atleast 3 different spawn zones. All have 1 as weight (tried evening them out but did not effect anything).

Apparently the only one that doesnt like multiple spawn zones is grasslands spawner…Took me forever how to figure out why that 3rd zone would always spawn 15000 dinos in 2 minutes…well didnt figure it out, figured out a work around.

Clutter layer issue - Adding grass to layer 1 (Grass looking texture) Also puts grass clutter in my desert area. Is there anyway to change the layer id of ‘sand’ textures to a different number so my nice waving green grass isn’t growing in an arid dead desert?
-Edit- Figured out Clutter layer…didn’t realize I could just change the layer number in the settings. Tip: Dont try to figure something out when you are exhausted and should be asleep.

Any assistance would very much ease this headache this is causing me!