World Composition and Navmesh

So I have been playing around with this for a while and I can’t seem to find a way to put navmesh volumes in the levels of a World Composite setup. The green area is generated and it works when you PIE and you can save and all. But when you leave the editor and restart and load the world again the green area is gone and the ai moves return error.
It’s not that the navigatable area is deleted or so. When you load the level in the editor and press “P” the green area shows up. Just when you play and the levels are streamed in, the nav area is gone.
When I put the navmeshes in the persistent level it all works, but I suppose this means that the persistent level will get bigger and bigger on disk since the navigation data is stored there.
I can’t imagine Epic has overlooked this problem so my guess is there is a way to store the navmesh volumes in the sublevel and have the navigation data there too, just how to do it?
Any help?

Do you have a solution? I do it too…

Check this video!