World Composition and Multiplayer

I am currently working on an MMORPG and that MMORPG contains a map that is very large. It is 22km x 22km and contains a lot of tiles. So I imported these tiles into UE4 using world composition and with my layer weighted material, I have an amazing looking base terrain that will do nicely in my game. But I remember reading not to long ago that World Composition has a tough time with Multiplayer games do to the constant loading and unloading of the levels. The thing is, I am seeking to make an Open world MMORPG that allows players to seamlessly run from one edge of the map to the next. I dont want a million loading screens in the process. If World Composition uses loading screens to load the next level during the game. Then that is not the right path I want to use. If this is the case, what do you pro’s suggest I do? If this is not the case can someone please reassure me that my goal can still be reached in the path I am heading? Thanks in advance!

PS The Article I read, states that World Origin Shifting is not supported for multiplayer and this is the key function that world composition uses.