World Composition "Add Adjacent Landscape Level" Incorrect Level Placement Bug Solved!

The ID for this issue: UE-29433

I have figured out what is causing this bug to occur and how to prevent it from occurring in your projects. It’s actually a really simple problem.

Why this issue is happening: Landscape’s have their transform location set to their positive X and positive Y corner. When you create a new landscape with the “Landscape” Modes tab it will offset the transform location in order to center the landscape in the world. When you create an adjacent landscape level World Composition places the new landscape level directly next to the previous level’s bounding box in the direction you chose. However, the new landscape proxy inside the new level then inherits the offset transform location from the original landscape thus positioning it in the wrong location.

How to prevent this from happening to you: It’s as simple as opening the level with the original landscape in it and resetting the original landscape’s transform location to X = 0 and Y = 0. You must load the level by itself and not through the persistent level or else the landscape’s transform will be grayed out and non-editable. Any preexisting levels with a landscape proxy for the original landscape will all have their transforms updated once those levels are loaded afterwards. Now, whenever you use the “Add Adjacent Landscape Level” option the new landscape level will always be placed correctly.

How I suggest this issue be fixed: When World Composition positions the new landscape level it needs to take into consideration the transform location of the landscape in addition to the level’s bounding box. As simple as that.

P.S. I know this post isn’t a question, but the issue’s page said to post here on the AnswerHub if I have comments or more details.

OK, I backed up project , and renamed the newmap2old and copied in newmap2 from my backed up 4.21 project than GOD I didn’t delte it ( backed up on ext.WD hd), and that fixed that right up major WHEW, too much work to lose.

I still have a VERY mixed ODD looking Summons wc window, when I get a second I’ll paste a pic.

I still have a VERY ODD looking wc window, when I get a second I’ll paste a pic, and in its current form its completely unusable , and no changes I make resolve it , though removing some lighting, bp sky sphere maybe fog, post processsing does get rid of some of the ‘colors’ that overlay the wc window area and are not supposed to be there.

That is the not the main issue though, as I have 4 distinct tiles, and hovering over each one, shows the same ‘newmap’, which I’ve never seen happn before, thus I can only click on each one separately on initial load of project,after that I can’t, and furthermore, once it messes up ( nothing I"ve done ), I get this odd rectangular area saying newmap inside of it- which again I’ve never in the 2 or so years I’ve been using ue4 - is it possibly the result of using 4.22 too soon ?

Anyway here are video verifications of what I"m seeing:


Could Epic pls verify this,as I’mSTILL experiening my world comp terrains,INthe world comp view window only, overlapping each other, with no idea how to fix.