World Comparison: UO to default UE4 Top -Down Example

So, I love UO as many of the old-timers like myself have loved this alluring vixen in the past. I know the size of the map in total tiles was: 6144 x 4096 tiles that were segmented into 8x8 cubes for optimized rendering. This was a pretty standard 2d map that had a lowest level terrain mesh, which then used a lookup to place the objects from a second mesh onto the appropriate cube. However, what I’m after is relative size. Assuming I have the starting Top-Down example, how big would I have to make the terrain in ue4 to be the correct scale to recreate the uosprite:world size?

Just fudging around with some calculations based off of reported observations. One person reported traveling from tip to tip in the UO map in 2 hours on horseback. Now, I’m not sure what the speed variable was here, but if we use real life averages of a horses distances covered per hour that would be (on the low end) 20 by 20 miles, assuming a square grid. UO was not square, but that’s rendering 400 square miles of terrain. Seems high.

I, likely like many others in these boards, have no idea what you’re talking about?

i think he meant this.

Yup, that’s it!

Sounds like a little much, yes. Took a while to traverse the land, though. Not hours, but it was big for it’s time (or maybe I was small, and everything seemed big).
Best game ever, anyways. Till they destroyed it with trammel and all that bs :frowning: