world comp window shows wrong sized terrain ( one plus ghost)

Based on a video youtube) on world comp by a UE4 dev , said the WC system hasn’t been either touched or not updated, in a very long time. I can’t help but wonder, if its not even being used by enough people & or not bringing them enough revenue such that they aren’t dealing with it, hoping no one encounters errors.

I’m having the problem, where I KNOW, for sure , I have 4 separate terrains, , four separate landscapestreamingproxy(s) in world outliner, yet in world comp level window, there are only 3 distinct levels, clearly incorrect bc there are ‘4’ in the viewport, though ONE of them, while only ‘showing’ one in viewport , is somewhat ‘connected’ to a ghost level, meaning the level shows being connected to the one that shows up, via a ‘outline’, but doesn’t show up IN the viewport and also in the WC level window, there are two terrains that are ‘joined’.

I never did any such things. If this isn’t Bug city , can someone point me to a DOC I can go through to fix this and be aware of it for future ref ? Pls see pic which explains and shows what’s going on. Its a bit of a show stopper. I don’t like things that don’t work right.


How did you generate the tile heightmaps? Which were the tile size you choose? Can you provide a link for that video aswel?

Easy: I made the terrains myself(in UE4) then decided heck with that so I went with WC as I knew I needed a very large world), all tiles are the same size which is ALL that matters,and the link is:
( btw, I added two tiles myself manually as I’m not into WM at all, and then I used add> _x+x for the rest ). I’ve not had any issues until now.


Ty for helping with this; I can ‘probably’ fix it by deleting the likely tile causing problems , but then I’d lose all the sculpting work so that’s not an option.**

OK I know that video already. I asked about the sizes, because for them to tile perfectly they must follow specific sizes in documentation like: 127, 253, 505, 1009, 2017, 4033 and 8129.

Right I knew about that much later, but I don’t think that video mentions they have to be any of those sizes necessarily ( I’d have to rewatch most of it to verif ) , only that all terrains must be the same size or it won’t work. Indeed I’ve never had any issues inside viewport of editor ie: mine DO tile perfectly , IN the editor, and most of the time they have been in wc tile window.

I prob., long ago, started out with ( my terrains are all 5101) them as highly likely they were the sizes of srtm terrain data I had found online at well known sites and that if I needed precise terrain, I’d be fine . That’s why I did that, I really had no choice.

So having said all of that, if indeed as mine are, don’t match the closest one of 4033,precisely what kind of issues are we talking about, the kinds of very non consistent issues I’m seeing, but only in the wc viewer ? Why would it show up only there- I think we need a wc dev to answer this right ?

ty so much andif it means I have to deal with some of this out of my not using those sizes , so be it and I’ll be more than aware of it for future uses.

It would be nice though, to know what causes the weird terrain stiching (not suppose to) in wc window…so maybe if I’m lucky I can avoid it now as well.

Also, the map check error UE4 gives me says: LandscapeStreamingProxy_0 Landscape LandscapeStreamingProxy_0 of /Game/Maps/NewMap2 has overlapping render components with LandscapeStreamingProxy_0 of /Game/Maps/Output/Output_x0_y1 at location (-5,100, -1,020). Delete Duplicate

Ok so, it wants to help me resolve it by delting overlapping dupliate–, but its not overlapping at all in the 3d viewport where I edit them- this is not an accurate error message, so what does it mean by ‘duplicate’ ? It’s not really a duplicate, its forced together as ONE in wc viewer, its not a duplicate right ? I’m afraid of I delete ‘duplicate’ it might irreversibly cause my project major problems.

The documentation states at least that those sizes are recommended in order to have the smallest number of components per landscape/wc tile. From my experience you end up with issues when texturing and also with seams between tiles.

World Machine is not the only tool for world composition, there are other tools: Houdini, Wysilab and Gaea. Price wise Gaea is the best with nice features and you have even a free version with limited resources:

Not really easy to say… I have a lot of experience with WC and never had this issue, even compositing tile by tile as you did.

I have no seams anywhere ( though yes I had to manually SCUPT over the seams , as video I noted above shows clearly) and they nicely went away- sorry you’ve had them. I’ll check out, but unless we’re talking way way under $100 I won’t touch it with a ten foot poll. I’m far far from rich ( as most of us prob. are) :wink:

Maybe I took this as license to not restrict myself to a given size given at the time anyway, I had access to 5101 srtm data that would aid me greatly in my project design.

Recommended Landscape Sizes

In order to make things easier, here are a number of sizes that maximize the area while minimizing the number of Landscape components.

It doesn’t mandate it. Anyway - point taken though.

question : " I have a lot of experience with WC and never had this issue " but did you have also no issue inside the wc ‘viewer’.mine is not in 3d viewport as noted, just the viewer :wink:

HM I"ll look into HOudini and Gaea, but I had no idea Houdini had any capability similar to WM,docs ? Houdini might be a perfect solution if and when I use that method, as I have it installed, but ofc without paying alot of money ( for many of us its a lot) I’m limited only to using .obj output.

This ?

At the tutorials page, select on the combo box for the categories: Terrain, there are lots of them. They are improving the tools by each release, but the tool costs a lot and they are a industry standard for several things, so it is a good investment for who can afford. Gaea was like $99 for Indies, but the free version is enough for you to try before buy.

ok ty I’ll check these out :slight_smile: