World comp problems

When utilizing WC, is there a way as in saving ordinary landscape ( out of WC mode) , to save in WC mode ? I mean as I"m designing landscapes, I make sure to save unique names as I go to make sure that if I make an error, or want to iterate too far from a given design, that I always have a backup to fall back on so I don’t lose too much ground or it be unrecoverable.

I don’t want accidents so to avoid losing data and it be very hard to continue, so what, while in WC is the method to save a uniquely named ‘world’, such that I won’t cause problems in the current working world ?

Saving unique worlds as in making sculpting and other changes to the world and not have to worry I"ll lose all that if I save , not in the right way as WC requires .

Also is it not possible in WC ( I"m not importing tiles from anywhere, I just named them accordingly and used my OWN files to take advantage of world steraming) as in its not a feature to save meshes that are in very unique locations ? If so, what method do I use ?