world comp levels did not come in during 4.21 to 4.22 (copy method)

I have a plugin , I’ve never used , so removed in engine 4.21 and installed 4.22 engine , since this isn’t updated yet for 4.22,
I then started 4.22 and it copied my 4.21 project with world machine and all levels contained, no errors noted.

My project loads, but no levels show up in level tab for world comp, no surprise somehow on copy from 4.21 into 4.22, 4.22 engine unticked ‘enable world composition’, and I suspect a bug, as I’ve never had this happen before- 4.22 changed and added a lot.

I thought since I removed ( using text highlighted in yellow under ‘engine version’ , temporarily , the plugin ( noted to author here on forums) , that maybe this is responsible for the oddities I’m seeing, if not is this a known bug in 4.22 that its got world comp issues given wc tickbox wasn’t checked ? So, all I’m left with is enabling world comp, and when I do I get this:

" World Composition auto-discovers sub-levels by scanning the folder the level is saved in, and all sub-folders. 30 level files were found in /Game and will be added as sub-levels. Do you want to continue? "

I have 6 levels, not 30, so where might the engine be getting the idea I have 30, is this a bug in 4.22 ? Where should I check ( already did to be sure, see nothing in level folder , I know whats in my own project) to see these 30 levels its talking about if it’s not a bug ? :wink: