World camera shake .. problem

Hey guys. i have a problem with the camera shake node.
here is my blueprint setup.

when i plugged camera shake node to the event Tick it’s work perfectly.but, when i use that like the sample or connected to any node except the event tick …nothing happened.

i want to shake the camera when my player stand on the elevator while moving down.

anyone have idea to what’s my problem.

Hey Sepinood,

I have set up a blueprint that is a pick up item with a given shield. When it’s picked up, an explosion occurs and the camera shakes. I have tested this using an ‘OnComponentBeginOverlap’ event node and it’s working perfectly fine. Could you please show me your full blueprint so I can try to replicate it?

Also, here is a [tutorial video][2] that will assist you with creating a camera shake as well.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

hi .
thanks for is the full blueprint.


Are you sure this boolean property is TRUE? (remove both branch nodes and try again?) Is this event ever triggered (it’s named _copy…) → add a print string to be sure

i remove every node … just connected to the event tick and it’s work fine.
but when connect that to other node like set world location or anything like that …even print node … of course without branch node . it’s not working.

well, but does the print node log anything, ever? The only thing I see in your screenshot is the boolean and the fact that we do not know whether the event is triggered (therefore: print!)


I have set up a similar blueprint however, I kept the target as ‘get player controller’ and everything works fine.

hey guys. here is the simple test.I’m using UE4.7.6.

i don’t understand why it’s not working …everything seems right.

Hey Sepinood,

Here is a blueprint set up with the OnComponentBeginOverlap node. I tested this and it works perfect once you run over the pickup.

look likes you have older version of UE.i don’t have client play camera shake on my version.Anyway,i fix the problem yesterday.
here is the solution,when you use camera shake with overlap component the inner radius in the camera shake node should be larger.i think depend to how your scene is larger,i use 1000 in my field and it’s was my impression.there maybe another reason.

Hey Sepinood,

I just double checked the project and I’m on UE4 4.8, so it’s the most recent version that’s been released through the launcher. The way that I got ‘client play camera shake’ was by taking off the check in the context sensitive box.

Nonetheless, I’m very glad that you were able to resolve your camera shake issue. Thank you for providing us an explanation of how you fixed your issue in case anyone else runs into it.

If you have any further questions, please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to assist you further!

Have a great day!