World Browser Overview (Open World/ World Streaming experimental tool)

[COLOR="#0000FF"]World Browser Overview/tutorial Video[/COLOR]

Dearest Community,

          I wanted to give back but due to my inexperience this is the best i can do. I stumbled across Wold browser deep in the forums and found little documentation on it and that is when the adventure began. I had an idea of what Epic had implemented this tool for and i wanted to test it. After much searching i was able to put together some of the puzzle and get it enabled with in the engine. I then worked with it and it all started to come together. This was a perfect solution for my open world project and i was so happy to have found it. The community has given me so much and this is my little token of knowledge back...for now. :) More to come as i get better with the engine.

P.S. Sorry about the sound quality not sure why it degraded the way it did. Will try and upload something a bit better quality next time.

Best regards Basingse


Thanks a lot! I was going to give this a go one of these days. This is going to help me get started now. :slight_smile:

The more I watched this, the more I kept thinking, I recognize this voice from somewhere, it sounds very similar to xD

Nice. I tried messing around with this in 4.something and got nowhere, so this is helpful. Has anyone pushed the bounds of level size with this feature? I’m just figuring that with a properly designed landscape (that was self-occluding so you wouldn’t immediately see where the world drops off) you could easily blow by 8k res heightmaps.

Then the problem becomes physics calculations which supposedly start acting up at a 4x4 kilometer map size. Does the world browser reset world origin when spawning new terrain? 'cause that would be ideal. I just want to stream in levels constantly w/o loading screens in huge persistent worlds, is that so much to ask? (yes, yes it is, but still). I know this is not really what this engine was designed for, but I’m on the lookout for a solution if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks! I’ll work on throwing one up with a titled build from world machine later today. Nice having high resolution height maps broken down in world machine and put together in World browser :). One note if you use erosion in world machine it slightly off sets the tiles in a tile build imported into Unreal engine 4. Just an FYI :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching this, being able to stream tiled terrains made in worldmachine is one of the(many) reasons I’ve switched to UE4 from Cryengine.

I havent had a chance to try it yet, but I was just reading somewhere that if you build your worldmachine terrain in one huge map and do the erosion there, then re-import that giant map into worldmachine and then break it up into tiles and then save those tiles you wont have those issues with the erosion.

One last thing…the video didn’t elaborate on seams between terrain sections, as in when he moved the terrain section, did it snap in place or do you need to put in values to avoid this ? All he said was, lets move this here, hence my question


Sorry, very seamless with flat meshes/landscape (Then edit with say landscape tool or add meshes on top depending on what your doing.Oh and try and stay away from the edges seeing the landscape tool doesn’t go over boarders as far as i can tell.). With height maps if you use say world machine i have noticed it can be a bit off if you use erosion. Best advice i can give is just to play around it. I will try and follow up with a video of tips and tricks i have learned. I am very tired hope this made sense.

Thanks man, this tool will be a great help on my project.

Maybe a Dev could answer this but is there a way to get World browser on the road map?