World Browser in 4.3.1

Hi there,

maybe I’m extremly blind, but I can’t find the world browser in the Editor in UE 4.3.1.
I saw a video where it was under the experimentals tab, but in this version it isn’t.

…but what is much more important to me is: is it possible to add an existing open world level to the world browser (once I found out where he is hiding)?

My game is an open world game and I started to port it the UE 4 in version 4.1, so I’m not very keen with the idea to start from scratch because of the world browser.

Is there any official documentation out about this tool, since all I’ve found was some community made stuff at you tube.

Thanks in advance


I’ll read through it.

Sorry, I don’t get the handling of the tool at the moment. I think I have to make a few testruns in a blank project first.

One question could not be answer in the documentation (at least from the first read).

My Landscape is based on a 8192 Pixel Heightmap, not imported as seperate layers. Is it possible anyway to set different streaming levels in the World Browser? My game is a third person RPG, Camera position similar as in Gothic, so I need the whole landscape visible basically the whole time, since if the player climb a mountain he is able to look pretty far.

What is the advantage of the World Combination to the usual Lod System? Is it useful to use it on a big island or could I only benefit from it if you want to make a world as big as in Witcher 3?

In your case you can turn World Composition off and do it the old way by level streaming. Your Landscape, sky and sun are going to be in the persistent level and the rest is going to be split into separate levels and get streamed. World composition is more beneficial when you need a larger landscape than what is available by default(8k.) and it also repositions the world origin to the player’s location so that physics dont go nuts when you are too far away(it’s not much of a concern for an 8k landscape.) You could still make use of it if your landscape was split into tiles though.

So question about World Browser: can we use Paper2D with World Browser?

Just curious :slight_smile: