World Atmospheric System ft. Seasons, Tempuratures, and Weather

Hey guys,

I’ve been active in the UE4 community learning from you all and building my game Amaranthine Story.
While working on the game I started building a drag and drop Day and Night System. Over time it has become something so much more.

This is the World Atmospheric System!

[FONT=Arial Black]Features:
Day and Night Cycle: 1.5 hours = a full day
Time of Day: 24 hr or 12 hr
Blended Post Processing for each part of day
Custom Pro level LUTs
Moon for Nights
Plug in Sun, Moon, Skylight and Post Processing and it will auto configure
Control the days in a year
Seasons with extendability
Time of day Temperatures with blending throughout the day and caps controlled by the seasons
weather patterns determined by studying the causes of weather events (light rain, heavy rain, hail, storm, snow, blizzard, fog)
Works in large worlds and Small scenes

[FONT=Arial Black]Planned features for release or future updates:

Cloud system to spawn clouds in the sky based real world study
Puddles created during rain
control over ground snow
Tornadoes and hurricanes
Wind System
Spec control over eligible surfaces during rain

More coming as I clear my list!!!

This is still in progress and is actually almost complete. I am not sure if I will include the particles with it as I am using one from the market place. I may create my own markup particle weather effects to include with it, but at the moment I am not sure.
This is deeply inspired by Solus, but does not utilize any of the method he explained in his video.
It runs great on my own system, so there should not be any problems with it. I will post updates!!

What do you all think? Is this something you may want?

Screens coming soon!

Im suprised that this thread havent got any replies yet. Any price tag or when it hit the marketplace? Would love to use this in my hunting-simulator.

I haven’t really settled on a price tag yet. I’ll start thinking of a range when it’s closer to complete. The very basic features shouldn’t take much more than a few days to complete so I would say that it can be submitted as soon as next week.

Would it be possible to add in support for custom skyboxes which transition between day-time skybox and a nigh-time skybox, drag and drop style?

One other thing that I would like to see are moon phases, which I suppose would be handled by a calender type system?

That would be something I’d have to investigate. I am super interested in learning how to acomplish so I’ll add that to my list of things to try and add before it’s released.

Geh my net is too slow to watch the video right now but sounds really cool, excited for this one.


I want to make sure I mention that this is made for large world games in mind so it will work for large worlds! It should also work in small scenes. For open worlds, you’re going to place this in your persistent level when level streaming. Set Post processing effect to unbound. Then set default values on the controller.


Finishing up the temperature system today. Right now light rain and heavy rain works.
Got an idea from the Solus video to make the temperatures a lot better. I’m going to be studying his work so I can learn how to put together a large skydome system that would include overhead clouds and customizable night sky.

You able to deal with all this complexity?

It is similar to one sophisticated system for oblivion that you can to find in nexux?

If it’s possible, I’m in;)


Yeah I can handle it. The materials are my weak point and if I can’t get the extra features in, I’ll just release them as an update once I finish them. I’ll take a look at those games and give you a better answer than I could at the moment!

Patience is not my strong suit, any current eta? :slight_smile:

Well I got my hands on Hourences’ Solus free to use template and I am working on developing a better night sky other than the one that’s standard in Unreal 4. Once I’ve done that, I will only have to worry about blending and if I want to follow the same direction he does or not. Still about a week or so for the basics and a little longer if I can manage to get some of the extra stuff done.

Coolios. ty ty

I was about to request a wind-system, but I saw that it already was on the list :smiley:
“Tornadoes and hurricanes
Wind System”

How is the progress on this? Any beta soon?

Sorry guys for the lack of and update, the development on my own game has been taking the priority as some issues came up, but I’m back working on the system 100% and hopefully will get it done soon. I’ve been working on a way to optimise everything that’s being done and how things are activated so when I’m done, I’ll post some new screenshots.

Any news about this?

+1 i would also be interested